Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can my EcoSolarCool Solar refrigerator/ freezer work on a 12 or 24 volt system?

Answer: Since Jan 2015, all EcoSolarCool products work automatically on a 12/ 24v system. However, some models purchased in 2014 only operate on a 24v system. To determine whether a purchased product in 2014 is 12/ 24v, please complete our support form (our support page link is on the top right hand corner of this website).

Question: What is the warranty that comes with my EcoSolarCool product?

All EcoSolarCool purchases made on/ after September 2016 come with a 2 years manufacturer warranty. Prior to this date, the manufacturer warranty was for 1 year. Extended warranty packages are available for purchases before June 2014. Please contact us through our support page for details. Extended warranty packages are only valid when purchased directly from EcoSolarCool. No third party extended warranty packages will be valid by EcoSolarCool.

Question: How many inches of insulation do the EcoSolarCool Solar chest refrigerators/ freezers have?

Answer: All solar chest freezers purchased in April 2015 and after have 4.4 inches of polyurethane foam insulation.

Question: Can I use my EcoSolarCool refrigerator or freezer at home on an AC (alternating current) input power socket?

Answer: Yes you can, however you will need an AC/ DC adapter. Please contact your sales representative/ dealer to purchase this if you do not already have one.

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